Super Mario Breakout

My first game written in unity. Decided best to start learning by not having to invent a game concept or my own assets. So Brick Breaker game play and Mario Assets it is, since I know both very well. Eliminate those needs and now I can focus only on learning the game engine.

This is a severe work in progress, I will be posting updates as I go. I have successfully deployed this for Windows, Mac, Linux and BlackBerry 10.

Download v.02b
Windows Linux Mac BlackBerry Android(soon) iOS(soon)

Screens of v0.2b

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Known Issues v0.2b:

  • Physics needs some serious tweaking, min and max velocity needs to be defined
  • Shell can get stuck in a purely horizontal bounce and must be reset, not sure yet how best to address this
  • Firepower should have a fire limit of 2 on screen at a time, just like in the original game
  • Firepower on mobile needs to be directional just like on PC
  • Gameover/Gamereset causes some things to break, basically old gameobjects aren’t being killed off properly
  • P-Switch does nothing, should turn all blocks to blue coins temporarily
  • Star/Red turtle shell does nothing, should blast through bricks, (turn collision off on bricks and destroy on trigger)
  • Power Block to be implemented, super rare item, ends a level when hit.
  • When shell is hit from side of paddle it almost always goes to it’s death, traditionally in games like this, it should go up.
  • GUI text needs to be placed intelligently based on device screen dimensions
  • GUI icons need to be resized (too small)

Screens of v.01b

screen02 screen01


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