Super Mario Breakout – User Feedback

I’ve already been getting feedback from users which is great. I’ll post the feedback unedited below as I get them and I’ll also list my proposed changes as a result:

Proposed Changes:

  • Decrease paddle size (the game is too easy). I plan to decrease the paddle size from 4 clouds to 3. And slightly decrease the relative size when getting a mushroom. The paddle size used to be appropriate in v.2 when the height of the game board wasn’t as tall
  • Boring game play due to getting stuck in a bouncing left to right loop, this will be solved next release
  • Warp tubes and enemies are on the way
  • Difficulty selection will probably be dropped and the entire power ups system is not very well done.
  • P-switch – bricks should have colliders disabled while transitioning back, to prevent shell from getting stuck


  • Paddle is too big – The bar that you can move around in the bottom should be smaller, so that it’ll create more challenge and excitement for the player – At least on medium difficulty, it seems to be quite difficult to die. The sizing of the paddle, combined with the size of the field, and the speed of the ball seems to make it almost impossible to let one by.  – Seems too easy. I got the power up mushroom that makes the cloud bar big and it takes up 75% of the screen, so too easy to keep it in play. Still pretty easy when the normal cloud is used
  • The Big Paddle (mushroom) shouldn’t persist through levels – I originally had it persist because version 0.1 and 0.2 of this game was very difficult in comparison to what it is now.
  • Add warp tubes – Tunnels (like in the real game). If you land on one, it’ll get you to a = different place with some cool stuff there   (On It!)
  • Traps: like those flowers, spikes, and those little black things that move around
  • Where is Mario!!! I want to see Mario instead of the turtle being bounce around. Also, maybe some animation for Mario when he hits the bricks, land s on the bar
  • Some additional explanation might be helpful at the difficulty selection screen
  • No way to pause the game x 3
  • The shell can hit a block at the right angle and almost go 90 degrees, which means it has to bounce 20 times or so off each side wall before it makes it to the bottom and then you have to hit it just right to change the angle.
  • P-Switch, upon return if shell occupies same space as brick it could get stuck

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