Super Mario Breakout – Cross-Platform


I’ve halted development on this to work on new things. This was my attempt at a first game in Unity and it’s not worth continuing for obvious TM issues.

Here’s a final video of it in action.

Get ready for all the 1-Ups, Fire Flowers, P-Switches, Coins, Pow Blocks, and Turtle Shells that you can handle in this fan-game inspired by the classics Super Mario Brothers and Breakout.

I’m very excited and very pleased to post this version of my game as I’ve made significant progress in only a few days. Functionally is basically complete. All the power ups work as expected, and the controls and physics more or less behave as you’d hope. Some minor tweaking is still required.

I would encourage all to try this out and submit your feedback in the comments. I have made this as cross platform friendly as possible, but currently I need to hop over to my macbook to compile for iOS. Also I don’t have an android device to test with. Let me know if it works.

**This Game is in no way affiliated, endorsed, supported or condoned by Nintendo. All references to Mario are in fact the legendary Mario Andretti and all pixel art are reproductions. All non-pixel art are fan inspired creations. The musical score is a recreation by the Boston Symphony Orchestra; it is their recreation of the classic theme music, not mine. I will remove this project at first notice from Nintendo, but they should really consider letting fan creations flourish if they don’t tarnish their brand**

Download v0.3b
WindowsLinuxMacBlackBerryAndroid – iOS(can’t compile on windows, I’ll do it from my mac eventually)

Screens of v0.3b

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New Features to v0.3b

  • Red Shells blast through bricks
  • P-Switches give a bonus round of blue coins
  • Pow Blocks will take one hit point off all bricks
  • Various tweaks

Planned Features for v0.4

  • Animations – Bouncing bricks when nudged by shell – Shaking screen when Pow Block is hit
  • Randomly spawning flying koopas. Provide bonus points when hit, and turn into a shell and fall
  • Perhaps a round of nothing but flying koopas
  • Warp Tubes in some levels that will take you to underground bonus levels

Known Issues v0.3b / Fixed from v0.2b:

  • Physics needs some serious tweaking, min and max velocity needs to be defined
  • Duplicate power ups aren’t supposed to spawn. Put the logic in to avoid this but doesn’t seem to be correct.
  • Shell can get stuck in a purely horizontal bounce and must be reset, not sure yet how best to address this
  • Firepower should have a fire limit of 2 3 on screen at a time, just like in the original game
  • Firepower on mobile needs to be directional just like on PC  Still needs some improvement
  • Gameover/Gamereset causes some things to break, basically old gameobjects aren’t being killed off properly ? I hope?
  • P-Switch does nothing, should turn all blocks to blue coins temporarily
  • Star/Red turtle shell does nothing, should blast through bricks, (turn collision off on bricks and destroy on trigger)
  • Pow Block to be implemented, super rare item, ends a level when hit.  Removes one hit point from all blocks
  • When shell is hit from side of paddle it almost always goes to it’s death, traditionally in games like this, it should go up.
  • GUI text needs to be placed intelligently based on device screen dimensions
  • GUI icons need to be resized (too small)

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