vrTrek for Oculus Rift

Super flatered, Cymatic Bruce did a review of my demo game, vrTrek. I’ve been watching his videos since before I even had my rift so this is pretty cool. 5 other people did lets plays of this game on youtube (you can find them in my playlist). I couldn’t be more flattered considering this is super super alpha.

4th Update:

3rd Update:

I’ve added functionality to the control panel.

The idea is you use a gamepad to pilot, and you you glancing at buttons on the control panel followed by a button press to execute functions. I think this is pretty cool because in star trek, they do everything by touch panel. So being able to fly around, and just look down to do other things while you navigate kind of plays pretty well.

2nd update:

This game is very much not finished and very much not a game. I’ve added a skybox since this vid.

All 3D models are courtesy of http://www.trekmeshes.ch

1st Update:

So I got this running on the Rift. And of course it plays so much better. Feels good. I recommend a proper game pad.

This isn’t really a game and it’s very premature. Just putting it out there. I hope to make some sort of small, basic game where you run quests within our inner solar system. Scan planets, deliver cargo, assist in repairs.

Download for Windows: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyuydnpymb6wa1q/vrTrek_Rift_0.2.4b.rar


9 thoughts on “vrTrek for Oculus Rift

  1. Hi!, im just downloading your Vrtrek now. I was just looking into making the TNG bridge in Unity but i lack the skills…but i don’t think its by much!. I appreciate the work you’ve done here. For the love of all things in the alpha quadrant! please make the TNG bridge. I’m sure you’ve already thought about this but are you gonna be ok in terms of copywrite and trademarks.
    Would hate to see this get canned because of paramount etc etc.

    I look forward to trying your demo on my Oculus tomorrow,

    • Thanks, I’m overwhelmed with the positive feedback I’m getting on this blatant rip off of a game :). I mean I wrote the game mechanics but the models are all other people’s work who I credit in the Credits.txt file.

      IF you can find a TNG bridge, I would be more than happy to throw it in. However I won’t be picking up development on this game for another month or so because I’m currently working on Bricktastic for a competition that I entered.


  2. It opens fine, iv exported sections into UDK, the textures are jpg. It uses vray to render etc. It renders up fine.

  3. Hi, I try to get your attention once more, pleases, some moths ago you say that you have this demo/game for android, and some one want to download, but the link for that never got online. Any chance that you put a link for android soon?
    You have mercy on a poor treki

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