Bricktastic – Beta 2

Thanks for all the feedback so far. A lot of it was a great help. I have a new version up, and I didn’t address all of your concerns in time, but it’s in the works.

I’ve added a title screen seen in this video. It’s changed since, but I’m pretty happy with how good it looks for how little I had to do. I mean, I spent 6 hours tweaking it, but it’s basically looked the way it did from the start.


Windows – Mac – Linux – BlackBerry – Android – OculusRift

Issues Fixed/New Features:

-Added main menu(most functions dont do anything)
-Changed ball color to be more easily visible
-Disabled rotation on the ball
-Changed lighting for paddle
-Added sparks to the ball for better visual queue
-Added onscreen debugging/console
-New brick animations
-New brick model with smoother edges.
-Increased FOV
-Added logic to prevent the ball from endlessly bouncing at boring angles. 10 bounces at less than a 10 degree change invokes a nudge.

Known Issues:
-Highscore and Help menus drift because I’m animating them poorly
-OSD is fake
-Colliders of wall drift over time. I know why I just have to rewrite the part. So as you progress in the game, the greater chance you’ll lose your ball off the playing field.
-Completely broke lighting effects in levels. Bricks and ball should reflect colors on walls
-Bad Bounces between levels sometimes

To impliment:

-Persistent sound options
-Graceful New/Continue game animation and death animation
-Bonus level to gain lives
-More levels
-Power ups, time permitting for contest.


“Disco con Tutti” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Millennium Fountain Bricks – Photo by Annette Gendler,


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