Precision Touchpad Drivers on the 2017 Razer Blade Laptop


This article is a condensed version of this article (, with some clearer defined specifics for the razer blade laptop.

Why switch to these drivers? The biggest disappointment when I bought my blade earlier this year was that it didn’t support precision touch. What this means is all of the new fancy gestures that came with windows 10 don’t work. These fancy gestures make your windows desktop behave a lot like a macbook.  I use a macbook at my day job and I use these gestures all the time.

What gestures? Primarily:

  1. Four finger swipe to switch between virtual desktops. Without this, virtual desktops are pretty useless because it’s an effort to switch. My typical work flow is a few full screen apps across say 4 virtual desktops. Unity, Visual Studio, Git Bash, Chrome.
  2. Four finger swipe up to show task switcher / list of windows
  3. Three finger task switching

Precision touch is an effort to standardize how touch pads work on windows 10 across laptop manufacturers. To learn more about precision touch see this article:

How to enable Precision Touch on the Razer Blade

  1. Have a mouse handy, this process will temporarily disable your trackpad.
  2. Download these drivers if you have a synaptics touch pad: link OR these if you have the Elan touch pad. Just check your touch pad name in windows device manager
  3. Unzip the drivers
  4. In device manager, right click on your touch pad and choose update driver -> then ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ -> then ‘Let me pick..’ -> then ‘Have Disk’ -> then browse to the spot you unzipped the drivers and pick autorun.inf
  5. Reboot.
  6. The trackpad won’t work, repeat step 4 but this time click ‘Search automatically…’
  7. Open regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\OEM\TouchPad and set DisableDevice to 1. This is because there will be competing drivers/software and when you resume from sleep it will be using the wrong drivers.
  8. Enjoy.


I wrote this article because the original source article was missing step 7 and I only found that in the comments section. Razer still hasn’t put out official support for this but it really is the cherry on top for this laptop. Hopefully they will support it officially soon.




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