I finally don’t hate my VR development workflow

The short story is, I created a tripod adapter for my VR headsets.

This improves my development flow. I talk about it at length in my youtube videos below. Basically when you’re designing levels and scaling objects in that level you’re constantly dipping in and out of VR and it’s a brutal work flow. Most of the time when doing this you don’t care about head tracking, and you actually want to keep the headset fixed on a position in the world that you’re working on.

Using a tripod mount you can fix the view to a specific area, and you can set the headset at a comfortable hands-free position. You can see your computer monitor and VR view at the same time if you remove the shroud. It also makes it easier to move the headset smoothly in VR space, while debugging on your computer monitor, without having the view go all jittery as it does when you just hold it in your hand.


I now have a working design for the HTC Vive and I love it. I’m considering doing a manufacturing run if enough people want one. For now if you want to order a 3D printed one, with foam padding and a tripod compatible nut, send me a message. @daggasoft.

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