Currently there is minimal support offered by daggasoft. You can us the support link in your respective app store, listed under the given app/game. Alternatively you can leave comments at the bottom of this page.


4 thoughts on “Support

  1. Hi, there seem to be little Problems with short range Sensors on BlackBerry passport. The game crashes from Time to time. Can’t tell you a specific event or something, but every Time i play it happens, sometimes After two minutes, sometimes after five… music stays on , App does Not close.. but game is frozen

    Maybe you are able to find the Problem?

    • Thanks for the info. Basically you’re saying the game hangs? I suspect this might be something buggy with the version of the Unity engine I was using. I’ll do my best to try and reproduce it and post a fix as soon as I can.

  2. Security Vulnerability:-
    Hey I am a security researcher and my name is Mugees Ahmed
    This Massage is to inform you that I found out Reflected (XSS) Bug Known as
    Cross Site Scripting you can also know about it more on the given link .
    How did I found it? :-
    I was trying out your new game known as (Super Markup World)
    As we can all so that this game is to train your HTML and CSS skills
    But in the input box I was able to use Javascript and I was able to do
    Many malicious activity like forcing users to download malicious exes
    Posting false error like the site has been hacked etc.…
    Hacking Scenario:-
    If I was an attacker I would trick user to download malicious exes
    And redirect user to a malicious Web Server and take over their system
    How to conform my report? :-
    To conform my report trying using following script that I used in the attack
    1. alert(“XSS_by_Mugees Ahmed”)
    2. alert(document.cookie)
    More Proves are added In the Picture below
    How to Fix This Issue:-
    Prevent User to add javascript in the input filed and use XSS filters to prevent
    This from happening in future for further Knowladge Check

    Hope i was a help to you guys
    Mugees Ahmed,

    • Hey I appreciate you contacting me with this concern. But this isn’t actually an XSS issue. It the same level of control (a little less actually) of what would happen if you opened up the javascript console in pasted it in there.

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