Roof Runner VR – Oculus Rift Game – Randomly Generated Endless Game

This project is dead 😦 I lost a hard drive and I was an idiot so I didn’t back this one up.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.22.17 PM

This video shows a night level which I think looks better. It also shows a “dynamic” skybox. Which rotates, and shadows on objects are cast according to the sun’s position.

Updated with a better video, cleaner textures

This is just a really sill tech demo I was working on. Not really a game, there’s yet any scoring, death, levels, power ups.. I made this while learning how to make a continually scrolling, random world generated game. Basically the same as a mobile game I’ve played called running in a crowd.

If I decide that this tech demo is worth turning into a full game I hope to have:

A variety of buildings
Basic scoring
Some sort of challenge/thing to collect/objects to avoid
Generally less terrible graphics

Phase too would be involve an animated avatar, mirrors edge style, and I think online side by side play would look pretty cool. However I’m not talented at all yet with the visuals or network play.


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